Weekend Special: Spicy Papaya Salad w/Blue Crab & Khaonom Koke


This weekend, Chef Seng will be offering two new specials to showcase the summer season! First, the Tum Thai Pu Dhong, spicy papaya salad with pickled blue crab, sweet farmers market cherry tomatoes, and crisp and refreshing Chinese long bean from her garden.


Second offering is the Khaonom Koke, a savory and sweet coconut rice dumplings with green onion and fried shallots!


Come by and try our new specials while it lasts. Dinner only. Thank you!

One thought on “Weekend Special: Spicy Papaya Salad w/Blue Crab & Khaonom Koke

  1. Chef Seng,

    Tum Thai Pu Dhong was excellent as usual, and Kai Pane with jeow bong had much more flavor than I remember from last time. Koreans also marinate raw crab either in soy sauce or in chilli powder paste mix. It’s quite a treat, but unfortunately not many know how to make it well, and this is why your cooking, representative of generations of cooking, is so important and meaningful let alone delish!


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