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PGpRxnoskyzz8p7c.jpg I just wanted to take a moment and say, THANK YOU to everyone. I must say, it has been a wonderful few years, and I am truly blessed to be in the restaurant business. The perfect way for me to share my passion for cooking and eating, with you. I owe this great success to my family, friends, and you, the customers!

As I mentioned in my blog few weeks ago, we will be opening a new restaurant in DC. The response from the community has been overwhelmingly positive, and I truly thank you!

Soon, we will share with you our first Laotian restaurant. The grand opening will be  in the fall.  At this time, we wanted to make sure our service and menu are all set, and everything is in perfect order before we hold a grand opening celebration.

The restaurant offers mainly Laotian food and some popular Thai dishes. Currently, we are offering few Laotian food dishes in the Bangkok Golden/7 corners restaurant. The response from our customers has been fantastic and that is because we make sure that each dish is authentic.

Our new Laotian restaurant will be in DC and can hold more guests as well as have outdoor seating. The grand opening will also be an opportunity for patrons to see the new menu items, and taste more of my original creations.

There will be a soft opening prior to the grand opening for a limited number of guests. The restaurant will feature mostly Laotian Food at this event. We are working diligently to get everything in order and share the restaurant location and the grand opening date. Until then, we greatly appreciate your patience and your interest in our new restaurant.

Stay Tuned!
Chef Seng

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