What is Thip Khao?


Thip Khao, my newest restaurant will bring forward the flavors of traditional Laotian cuisine, as well as dishes from my grandmother and friends from refugee camp in Thailand. It will also have a bar, where we will have the talented Jack Caminos designing special cocktails and making house made spiked tropical sodas.

Sticky rice is a staple of all Laotian meals, as you can see at Bangkok Golden, it is served with each Laotian dish. Thip Khao translates to sticky rice serving basket. I chose this name because thip khao is a very important piece in Lao meals. I am very excited and looking forward to the opening of Thip Khao, a restaurant dedicated to Lao cuisine in DC. 


One thought on “What is Thip Khao?

  1. This sounds wonderful Chef Seng! Looking forward to discovering more about Thip Khao. I’m pretty sure the food and service will be equally amazing. The logo looks great too. 🙂

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