Lao Food Movement Takes on DC


I have had such an extraordinary journey these last four years. It’s been extremely tough yet, provided me some of the happiest moments ever.  But I could have not done it alone. I am blessed with family and friends who believe in my visions and missions. Creating Chef Seng to promote the cuisine of Laos, and launching the Lao Food Movement, was quite nerve racking task for me, but with the encouragement of friends, it began! And it is working! 

Four years later, I am eager to do more to continue promoting Laos and it’s cuisine. I can’t stop doing what I love, so with the help of my good friends of Norasack Design we created Khin Khao, which means, “eat rice”, for my next project. Unfortunately, it was taken 5 months later. 3 months ago we decided to choose another name, but we plans came to a halt because of complications.  Today I am so excited to announce that another dream and vision of mine has become a reality. Thank you to my friends, family and staff for all your support in this journey. I am proud to say that Thip Khao, a Laotian restaurant will be coming to the nation’s capital of DC this fall.

5 thoughts on “Lao Food Movement Takes on DC

  1. Please consider 1700 New Jersey Ave, NW for your location (soon to be vacated by Beau Thai). I’d eat there all the time!!

  2. Chef Seng
    Congratulations. This is wonderful news. I hope you will consider the neighborhood of Petworth in Washington, DC. Many of us are regulars at your restaurant, so you would have a solid base of customers. We will do whatever we can to help recruit you to the neighborhood. Miler us know if you need anything. Best of luck!

  3. Congratulations! That is very exciting! If you are in need of any exterior or interior signage, we would love to help you. Our company specializes in murals, decorative painting, signs and graphics. Wishing you much success in your new adventure.

  4. I have introduced tons of friends to Bangkok Golden because it is so much like my mom’s cooking. You have a huge following in the Eckington/Bloomingdale neighborhood and would love to see you there! Khop jai!

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