Maw Nuong Khao: Sticky Rice Steamer


As you might already be familiar with, sticky rice is a staple in Lao cuisine. Traditionally, it is made by taking sweet (glutinous) rice and soaking it until the grains swell. This usually happens overnight, or you can wait about 3 hours. Afterwards you steam it in a bamboo basket.

Maw nuong khao is the name of the pot that you boil the water in. Then you place the bamboo basket of rice grains in the pot, where it hovers over the steam. Huat is the bamboo basket (seen above) and is commonly used in Lao homes.There is also muay (below), another type of bamboo basket, and the chef’s preference. This one your stir the rice with a spoon, instead of flipping it in ¬†and is made stronger and lasts longer.

Luckily, these can be found in Asian grocery stores catering to South East Asian foods.


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