Happy Birthday Chef &Lao Cook Book Giveaway!


Happy Birthday to our wonderful, beautiful Chef Seng. In honor of her birthday, shes giving away a Lao cookbook!

From the Chef:

Thank you Dorothy and Kees for introducing to a wide audience, a straight forward way of Lao cooking. It shows various techniques to cooking with ethnic and traditional ingredients and I highly recommend it.

Have you always wanted to try cooking Lao food at home? Here’s your chance! Just leave a comment about your experience with Lao food, whether it be your first time trying, you’ve grown up with it or your interest in it. We will pick a random winner and announce it on the blog next week! Don’t forget to wish the Chef Happy birthday on twitter and spread the love!

24 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Chef &Lao Cook Book Giveaway!

    • Dear Jonathan,

      Thank you for my birthday wish. I am very glad you like Lao cuisine. Thank you very much for your support.


  1. I’ve never had Lao food although I am immensely interested in visiting the region of Indochine, especially Luang Prabang and the Plain of Jars! From what I’ve read, Lao food sounds delicious (sadly there are no Lao restaurants here in Pittsburgh).

    Happy Birthday Chef Seng!

    • Dear Julie,

      Congratulations on your win! I you visit Laos soon and experience the UNESCO site of a very small town of Luang Prabang. Please enjoy the cookbook and I hope you try the recipes.


    • Dear Jason,

      Thank you for a birthday wish and participated in cookbook giveaway. I hope your experienced with Lao cuisine keep you coming to BG.


  2. I was introduced to Lao food from my friend. She invited me over to her parents house for many dinners and I ate amazing, home-cooked Laotian meals. I would love to try cooking some recipes!

    • Dear Erika,

      Thank you for participating and for your love of Lao cuisine. Straight forward home cooking is amazing. Please stay tune for more cookbook giveaway again soon.


  3. Happy birthday Chef Seng! I love Lao food! How could I not? It’s the food of my people. I wish more people knew more about Lao food, but I think will change soon enough as more restaurant start to advertise Lao food for what it is-not Asian fusion etc. It’s time for Lao Food to come out of the shadow of its SEA neighbors and shine on its own spotlight!

    • Dear Ava,

      Thank you for a birthday.wish and participation. I hope the same thing, my purpose and goal for this blog to reach out as many people as much as possible to share the world well kept secret cuisine. It had been an extremely amazing 4 years how Lao food get recognized by a local DC media and through out the world. Let’s work together to get the words out for the movement of Lao cuisine.


  4. Happy birthday Chef Seng! Your food was my introduction to Lao cuisine, and I absolutely adore it! Can’t wait for my next 6X tam mak hoong!

    • Dear Chris,

      Thank you for a birthday wish and compliment. Your 6X extraordinary spicy level amazed me. I am very glad you enjoyed it and enjoyed Lao cuisine.


  5. You brought memories of the happiest moments if my childhood, memories that I relived with my parents in their 50th wedding anniversary and now I share w my children…so three generations grateful for your gift

    • Dear Tony,

      So glad to hear such an AMAZING stories from you and your parents. It’s always my pleasure to cook for them and your family. Your supports sincerely appreciate.


  6. I saw what looked like a Thai restaurant right near where I live. I came in one night for take out. Ended up with one Thai dish and one Lao. Now I’m an addict. 🙂 two or three times a week since that night.

    Thanks Seng. You know I’ll keep coming back.

  7. We are from Pittsburgh, PA and visit DC/NOVA several times a year. Your restaurant is our “go to” place as your Lao dishes are AMAZING!! You truly have a gift and I wish we lived closer to enjoy it more often. We would love to meet you one day to tell you in person. Happy Birthday to you!!

    • Dear Hillary,

      Thank you very much for a birthday wish and your participation. Very nice compliments as yours definitely lifted my spirit and motivation for cooking. Please feel free to ask for me on your next visit. It would be my pleasure to meet you.


  8. ✨Happy Birthday Chef Seng✨
    I grew up eating Lao food as a staple. My friends always post all the Lao food they make and I sit and drool and wish I was with them to enjoy their hard labor on making the beautiful Lao dish(es)

    • Dear Vilayphone,

      Thank you for birthday wish and participated. So glad to hear from fellow Laotian.

      Thank you!

  9. Happy Birthday, Chef Seng 🙂
    I enjoy your photoes on Instagram. I visited Laos in February and really enjoyed the trip and lao food. My favorite is laab, so that I cooked it at my home in Japan 🙂 I bought a bamboo table, a rice basket and a beautiful shin skirt in Vientiane, but forgot to buy a cook book 🙁
    Wish you have great time with your family and your restaurant 🙂

    • Dear Tomoko,

      Thank you very much for a birthday wish and your participation in my first giveaway. Please tune in for more future giveaway.


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