Happy Lao New Year!

Sa Bai Dee Pii Mai! This week we are celebrating Lao, Thai and Khmer New Year.


In celebration of our New Year, Thip Khao and Bangkok Golden by Chef Seng will have the Temple Tray available for dinner only, this Thursday through Sunday. On it you will find Laab Chicken, Pon Pah (pounded fish) Awk Gai, Sai Oua, Siin Haeng, Kaeng Som, Stick Rice, an assortment of dipping sauces, as well as fresh and steamed vegetables.


Traditionally Lao New Year is celebrated for three days April 13 -15 (or April 14-16 depending on the Hindu calendar). On these three days we prepare, rest and celebrate the new year! On day one, which is considered the last day of the previous year, homes are cleaned. On the second day, is the day of rest. No work is allowed, only fun activities. This day is considered the in between day, the “no” day, which is the day between the previous year and the new year. Then on day three, THAT is the start of the new year. This day we go to the temple for blessings, getting blessed white strings tied to us for good luck and prosperity.


All week water is thrown on each other to celebrate the new year with blessings of long life and peace. Sometimes there are flowers and perfumes added to the water. Animals such as fish are also set free during this time to celebrate.


Locally, the temples will choose a weekend and celebrate all at once, since this new year isn’t recognized as a government holiday. There are always prayers and blessings, special performances, pageants, plenty of water tossing and lots of great food.


Please stop on in and celebrate the new year with us and enjoy a Temple Tray, best if shared!



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