Chef Special: Tum Tad for the New Year!


Starting tonight and all through April, we are celebrating not only SPRING but also Lao, Thai and Cambodian new year, called Pee Mai Song Khan! Papaya salad is served in a traditional Thai and Lao tray with a variety of proteins,  vegetables and starch. This is usually served with the papaya salad in the center, surrounded by grilled meat, egg, fried or steamed noodles, and varieties of fresh/steamed/pickled vegetables. Tum Tad is meant to be served as a shared meal with more then two people.

The tray will be served with your choice of Lao or Thai papaya, grilled chicken, pork meatballs, boiled egg, pork rinds, peanuts,  Pad Lao noodle, steam vermicelli noodle, steamed watercress and cabbage.

Bring in your family and friends, share a meal, celebrate and start the new year off full!

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