Chef Special: Tad Wat, Temple Tray


Sa Bai Dee Pii Mai, or Happy New Year! The chef is introducing another Pii Mai, South East Asian New Year special.  Pii Mai Song Khan typically a 3 day celebration from April 13th to April 15th.  TAD WAT, which means “temple tray,” is a tray set for a special ceremony offering at the temple for monks and guests.

Lao New Year is usually around the hottest days of the year, and is the start of Monsoon season. Water represents long life and blessings. It is used respectfully with monks and elders, and then thrown with everyone else as a fun tradition to wish all long life and peace. And why not, everyone needs to cool off during the hot days!

During the days of Lao New Year, there are often pageants to crown Miss Pii Mai Lao (Miss Lao New Year), as well as lots of dancing. You will hear traditional music, mawlum, can be heard from the temples and homes, and people do line dances in a circle called lum vong.

If you need a break from dancing and celebrating, stop in for a new platter special at the restaurant. The Chef’s special this weekend is TAD WAT, a fixed menu which comes in a tray with Laab Gai (minced chicken salad), Kang Som Pah (tamarind soup), 3 types of sticky rice dipping sauce, Jeow Mak Lenh (roasted tomato), Jeow Bong (dried chili paste), Jeow Mak Ped Deeb (roasted green chili), Pak Nuong (steamed and fresh assorted vegetables,  Pon Pah Heng (pounded fish), Or Lam (egg plant and beef stew) Seenh Heng (sun dried beef) and Sai Oua (sausage).

This special is available this Saturday and Sunday Lunch and Dinner, Monday and Tuesday Dinner ONLY.

Learn more about the history of Lao New Year here!

Sok dee pii mai!

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  1. Want to give my daughter a gift certificate/card….does the Bangkok Gardens Restaurant offer a gift card/certificate? If “yes” in what denominations? Also, if “yes” how does one go about ordering one? Thanks, Pat

    • Hi Pat!
      Sorry for the delay on responding. We have gift certificates, you can call the restaurant, and we can make you a certificate by mail OR just visit us!


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